About us

Anjani Dyes & Intermediates Pvt Ltd was established in 2004 to enter on of the most dynamic industry in the world. The company begin as a supplier of dyestuff and intermediates to local manufacturers. Our company imports most of the intermediates from international markets such as China, Korea, Japan, Iran and Indonesia. This company supplies the best quality products at the most economical rates to the local manufacturers. The company grew gradually and it started exporting the finished products worldwide. The company formulate the imported intermediates by doing job work externally and export the finished products globally. Majority of our products are exported to China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Far east and many European countries.

The company has expanded and gained goodwill under the management of Mr Ashish Patel (Chokshi). He is into dyes and chemical industry since 1990. He owned Ashish Trading Co Pvt Ltd until 2004 before he originated Anjani Dyes & Intermediates Pvt Ltd. Since then, the company has been expanding and providing diversified range of dye stuff and intermediates to the domestic as well as international manufacturers.

Today, this company is one of the most reliable, consistent and steady sources of formulated dyes and intermediates. This company believes in evolving customer relations by providing quality products, proactive services, prompt delivery and shipping at the most competitive rates.

As there is an increasing demand of supply in this industry, the company is aiming to set up a manufacturing plant to fulfil our customers’ need. The company plans to adopt innovative approaches to satisfy and surpass our customers’ requirement.