Anjani Dyes & Intermediates Pvt Ltd was established in 2004 to enter on of the most dynamic industry in the world. Our company imports most of the intermediates from international markets such as China, Korea, Japan, Iran and Indonesia. 

Anjani supplies the best quality products at the most economical rates to the local manufacturers. The company grew gradually and it started exporting the finished products worldwide. The company formulate the imported intermediates by doing job work externally and export the finished products globally. Majority of our products are exported/Imported to China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Far east and many European countries.


You can be assured that we follow extensive rules to match international enviornment standards 


We as a prominent supplier we take full care of environment. We are dedicated to cultivate relationships with customers & manufacturers by providing quality products and solutions that match their needs in every respect of enviornment, quality and productivity.


We are dedicated towards customer satisfaction by delivering best quality dye stuff intermediates at competitive costs. Our manufacturing facility has testing lab for delivery of best dyes, solvent & pigments


We are fullysatified with intermediates supplied by Anjani

John Abraham, China

Our Shippment from Ahmedabad arrived on time , We are glad to be associated with Anjani for Intermediates.

Mhd. Ala Dureni, Malaysia

Anjani has wide variety of Intermediates that we are importing from them. We are fully satisifeid with their shippment provided.We look forward further.

Dipesh , Dubai UAE